RK Business School is inspired by ancient Indian Education System and Pedagogy. Ancient Indian schools were Specialized in particular subject areas {Amaravathi (Medicine), Kaasi (Grammar), Thakshashila (Aayur-Vedha)}, taught by Practitioner Teachers {Kautilya (Artha-Shastra); Bhaskara, and Aryabhatta (Mathematics); Susrutha, and Chakra (Medicine); Patanjali (Yoga)} to a Limited Number of Students (20 or 25) in Nature’s Heart under the spreading trees with a great proximity between teacher and student. The pedagogy was divided into Sruthi (Oral), Experiential Learning (Practical Oriented), Case Studies (Ex. Vikramadithya Kathalu, where Baythala describes a context to King Vikarmadithya and asks for his solution to the given problem), and Storytelling (Ex. Vishnu Sharma's Panchatantra). The above examples elicit that the best practices adapted by business schools in USA, UK, and Europe today are not new to India.

RK Business School wishes to be the Niche School for Finance and Analytics with a limited intake of 60 students per year. The RK Business School Campus is in Nature’s Heart, surrounded by Rocky Hills, Water Pond, and Spreading Trees, and fused with high speed broadband Wi- Fi connection to access the world. Subjects are taught by practitioner teachers (Dr. Rama Krishna and Team), students gain experience by Trading Stocks in Real Time under the guidance of faculty mentors and participating in “Hire us in Urgency” program (a temping services initiative of RK Business School). Students read, analyze, discuss, and present articles and case studies prepared by finance professors from the best business schools in the world and published in IRJAF www.irjaf.com (a sister concern of RK Business School). Very importantly business leaders and finance professors from all over the world come to RK Business School campus to tell their success stories.